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Elevate the Exterior of Your Property with Driveway Repairs

At Edgewood, Maryland-based company George's Driveway Services, we also perform a variety of repairs to keep your driveway top-notch. Not only does this make the outside of your home or business more functional, it improves the look and increases value. Call today to schedule a time where we can give you a free estimate. Pricing for every job varies.

Newly Paved and Mid Construction Driveway

Cracked Asphalt

Asphalt Crack Filling

Keep your driveway seamless and skip expensive fixes down the line with our quality crack filler. Each application is performed by hand to ensure every inch of the crack is filled. We first heat up our product and place it into the affected area. This mends your driveway and stops the crack from expanding. If you are noticing loose stones or gray areas in your driveway, it's an ideal time for these services. Our crack filler dries within 24 hours and will be ready to be driven on after that point.

Asphalt Patching

When we are patching your driveway, we use hot asphalt that is cut to fit the specified area entirely. Each piece is cut with a saw, and we use a tamper plate compaction asphalt machine, a high-quality device in our industry. This will get rid of the deteriorated asphalt and cracked areas versus replacing the entire driveway. If you have a pothole or missing spots, this service is for you.

Asphalt Patching