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Make Your Driveway Long-Lasting & Durable with Sealcoating

Though asphalt seems to last forever, not everyone knows it naturally degrades over time. Extreme temperatures can cause your driveway to lose its oil, making it more vulnerable to cracks and unraveling. At George's Driveway Services in Edgewood, Maryland, our effective sealcoating services can prevent this from happening. Ideal for businesses and homes, our oil-based sealant replenishes the natural oils in your pavement. This assists in the prevention of cracking, allowing you to use your driveway for longer.

Our Process

When performing these driveway services, we begin by prepping and cleaning the area, edging it away from any grass. We then fill any cracks and apply the sealant with a high-quality spray machine. It will take 24 hours for the coating to fully dry. To ensure the process is as efficient as possible, do not drive on this area until it is fully set. This service comes with a one year warranty.

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